RadicalAuthenticity.Community was founded by author L.M. Browning after the publication of her personal essay, To Lose the Madness: Field Notes on Trauma, Loss and Radical Authenticity, as a space in which others might share the stories of their mental and emotional struggle that we might connect more deeply with each other and lift the stigma of mental illness. We are a community of storytellers who, by sharing our own journey through the practice of Radical Authenticity, help to “normalize” mental illness and dispel the stigma surrounding it.

Radical Authenticity is a practice more than a philosophy because it involves daily action. It is a practice of fidelity to self.

Through radical authenticity, we hope to achieve: a firmly rooted sense of self; deeper connection with one another; a shedding of the notion that we are alone; a normalization of the taboo aspects of this human condition including struggles with mental illness, grief, and hopelessness.

Shame, denial, hiding–all lead to unhealthy mindsets, which in turn have a negative affect on our lives and our society. Through the practice of radical authenticity, we hope to heal ourselves of negative self perceptions and, through sharing our stories, find the underlining commonalities we have with one another.

At present, there are two branches of the website: The Resource Section and The Radical Authenticity Blog where people struggling with mental illness can share their stories.

A few of the precepts of Radical Authenticity:

  • An acceptance of our selves and each other.
  • The end of denial, shame, and hiding.
  • Finding strength in vulnerability.
  • Finding a deeper sense of inner-peace through the “owning of one’s journey.”


Read a story. Share a story. Tell a story. Just know that you’re not alone.